Blanche Blacke's
Chakra Healers Training

Detecting and Transforming Negative Energies and Depossession    

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Trains you how to feel and interpret the various kinds of negative vibrations that can adversely affect the soul-body. Sense your own 'bad vibes' & negative thoughts sent from others, including curses, soul-attachments and entities.

Learn how to release these frequencies for more light, luck, health and well-being. Students will practice on one another with the direction of Blanche Blacke.

(Pre-requisites: Chakra Healing Training Graduation)

Chakra Healers Training Program Includes:
Chakra Healing 101
7 Chakras Power Weekend
Chakra Analysis & Healing
Chakra Analysis Practitioner Training
Completion, Initiation & Graduation
Past-Life Regression
Underlying Cause of Disease
Negative Energy Clearing & Deposssesion

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