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Chakra Healers Training

 Chakra Healing 101    


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Learn about the energies of the chakra system: How they work together. How these energies influence the circumstances of your life. What happens when your energies are in conflict.

Gain a comprehensive overview about each chakra power.

Get an introductory experience to the powerful energetic shifts possible through Chakra Energy Healing.

Class begins with lectures about the different frequencies of chakra consciousness and learning how they operate in your life. Then the group will do exercises to shift stuck patterns "on the spot" for illumination and change.

(This is the Pre-Requisite Class for 7 Chakras Power Weekend.)

Chakra Healers Training Program Includes:
Chakra Healing 101
7 Chakras Power Weekend
Chakra Analysis & Healing
Chakra Analysis Practitioner Training
Completion, Initiation & Graduation
Past-Life Regression
Underlying Cause of Disease
Negative Energy Clearing & Deposssesion

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