September 13, 2005

15 Years Ago Today at 12:12 pm Blanche Blacke opened The Chakra Shoppe. 
With Only the paint of the 7 chakras on the walls, one massage table and 7 wine glasses along the front window displaying tumbled stones (one for each chakra!)  I didn't know how things would work out.  Now 15 years later, as the world is in this crisis we are still here to serve and provide the best services, classes, tools and products we can find.  Love and blessings to all!  You make all good things possible for the greatest good of all.   We would love to throw a big party, but alas here we are with virtual connections...If you have a story to share or a few words of picture, please log onto Yelp or Facebook and say a hello and a Happy Birthday!  Yay!  Love and Blessings, Blanche.


Friday, Saturday &  Sunday 
September 18, 19 & 20

7 Chakras Power Weekend

Reveal and Heal your own unique chakra programming. Delve into the core of your inner being for more personal power in the world.

Gain in-depth knowledge of the individual powers of consciousness. Each chakra power is it's own force. Problems develop in life when our inner being powers are in conflict or stuck in patterns. Patterns can inhibit, repress or even self-destruct our conscious intents and desires.

You will gain a deeper understanding about the chakras & vibrational tools of healing including: Crystals, Sound healing, Guided meditations and other exercises for self-growth and transformation.

During this weekend intensive, Blanche gently guides you to raising your vibration. She helps to: Facilitate self discovery; Enhance your personal power; Delineate life purpose; Build Confidence and Enhance your creativity.

Healing the self can lead to healing others. Choose to enjoy the benefits of this stand-alone workshop or continue on to learn more advanced healing work for yourself and others.  This workshop will take place at The Chakra Shoppe.  Friday, 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm, Saturday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, Sunday 10:000 am to 6:00 pm.

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Thursday, September 24

Learn Intuitive Tarot Reading

Learn how to interpret the tarot cards and spreads for gaining insight and guidance for yourself or others. April M. shares her secrets during this class that is informative for even those who have some knowledge as well as beginners. 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. $39. Click here to register.
Sunday, September 27
Yoga Nidra Meditation

Yoga Nidra means Yogic Sleep. It is beyond dreaming and the waking state. It is a deeply relaxing state where one can purify the past, present and future. In this deep sleep state, you will be guided to progressively go deeper into your own being, aligning with Spirit. Energetic healing will be occurring simultaneously to clear physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychic and psychological conditioning. Deep relaxation, meditation and healing session with Lillian Irene Lovas. 10:00 am to 11:30 am. $15. You MUST Register in advance. Only 8 seats available. 
Click here to register and pay on-line. Or Call (773) 271-3054

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