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Aura Clear  --  Purify & Cleanse 

The Chakra Shoppe Aura Clear formula resonates with a refreshing forest green aroma. Green herbs and tree essences vibrate with a  cleansing frequency. These essences clear the energy field and/or environment of negative or dark energies.

8 oz  Spray $24.95    

16 oz Bath Salts $19.95  

2 oz Body Oil $19.95 

Smudge Bundles 

Smudging Cleanses your aura and the environment of negative energies and all kinds of spiritual and physical impurities.  

White Sage 5"



Sage & Sweetgrass 

5" $9.95

Sage  5" $9.95


Sage & Lavendar

5"  $9.95

Sage & Copal

5"  $9.95



Baby Sage 2 pack


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