Blanche (LeBlank) Blacke

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 “With a voice that quivers and sails like Sinead O’Connor, Blanche Blacke creates a slipery brand of sensual rock.” BAM LA’s Music Magazine

1979 Blanche sits at a table at the Single File Pub in Chicago. Mark Hannon “the blues cannon” on stage. Her boyfriend and his pals go outside. Phil asks her to dance to Caledonia. “I wasn’t attracted to him at all at first” confesses Blanche. But she danced with Phil anyway and hung around for a marriage and the next twelve years plus.

1980 Blanche tags along to the first band rehearsal. She started singing and filled in a blank.

1983 Blanche starred the MTV hit video“Advertising Girl”.

1986 “As suddenly as the group started, we just sort of stopped,”says Blanche. Something for Unsolved Mysteries.

1987 Blanche moves to LA and begins a six year stint at Marjorie Miller's UCLA writers workshop.

1990 Blanche acts in the film "Society' .

1991 Paisley Blacke, Blanche’s new group gigs on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. As a D-girl for a television production company, the day gig is developing new shows and writing. She co-pens a romance novel, published by Zebra Books in '92.

1995 A near-death experience and several years of shamanic training later, Blanche returns to Chicago.

1999 Blanche founds the School of Chakra Consciousness and co-founds Shakura World Theatre.

2005 Blanche releases a line of body products to enhance and balance the chakras and prepares to open a retail outlet. The Chakra Shoppe. “I’m a busy bee, but I’d love to play with the Blanks again.” Blanche says. “Go ahead and make my day!”


Blanche now
(as Aphrodite for Shakura World Theatre)